Aroma Ecuador's Story



Aroma Ecuador and all its products are manufactured with the finest Ecuadorian National Cocoa "Fino de Aroma".

With the support of Conservación & Desarrollo (C&D), it has worked with small-scale producers nationwide for over 30 years, supporting and strengthening communities, increasing productivity and education, and their participation in a more sustainable and equitable cocoa system. The producers who contribute their fine beans for this chocolate work under Good Agricultural Practices, which are transferred by C&D under the methodology of Socio-Environmental Field Schools. All this and more guarantees the creation of a fine chocolate, impeccable, delicate, and elegant work.

Throughout the years, we have embarked on an endless pursuit of growth, industrialization, commercialization, and the relentless fight to improve the conditions of every producer who has worked with Aroma Ecuador. With time and knowledge, we have introduced our delicious "Arabigo" Coffee, of which we can confidently say is one of the best in the world. Given our vast experience with cacao and its derivatives, we have launched our cosmetics line, with all products based on our 'Fino de Aroma' cacao, ranging from soap to hydrating cacao butter creams.

All our products are crafted with the intention of elevating the Ecuador brand. We aim to showcase to the world and our country the capabilities we possess through hard work, technology, patience, and a passion for development and education. This is Aroma Ecuador; we are Aroma Ecuador.

Welcome to our world